In Our Lahore Unit, We manufecture Knitwear Garments.

lahore unit

Excellence in Knitwear Since 2012

The manufacturing Unit of HBS Textiles in Lahore, Pakistan is a leading manufacturer of knitted apparel textiles, known for its high-quality products and customer satisfaction. The company has been certified by WRAP, BSCI, INDITEX, and PRIMARK ETC. HBS Textiles focuses on total Quality Management, focusing on teamwork, increasing customer satisfaction, and lowering costs. They focus on quality measurement, rewards, training, stress problem identification, and innovation. Their main target is to achieve the best efficiency in production with consistent quality and timely performance. Lahore Unit of HBS Textiles has a manual printing capacity of 5,000 garments per day, and specializes in printing and knitwear. We have a sewing capacity of 200,000 pieces per month and produce knitted garments for men’s, ladies, kids’ tops, and bottoms using various knitted fabrics.

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The company is well-experienced in the USA and Europe market, with main markets being the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and New Zealand. Quality control procedures include sealed sample procedures, in-line QC, final QC, and hand-ironing. The company ensures that only perfect garments leave the factory premises. We specialize in all kinds of knitwear Apparel like trousers and shorts for Men, Women & Kids and wish to work elbow to elbow with the fashion brands in designing and ethically producing latest fashion with the highest quality in a sustainable and environment friendly manner Our state of the art machinery and facilities, cutting, stitching, washing and dying. Printing & Emb; Embroidery setup is also in house. It has the capacity to produce 200K garments monthly. Our future plans to increase the capacity gradually.


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Fabric Treatment
We do execute stabilization including reweaving & stitch repair details.
Artistic Direction
Assist collection strategies, storage, application and pest production management.
Satin weaving
Continuous weft yarn, with as few interruptions of warp as it possible.
Fabric Dyeing
Transfer dyes from aqueous solution onto the fiber surface & diffusion.

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